Ice Maiden Diaries

Welcome to the Ice Maiden diaries, my space to thaw my thoughts and warm the pages with a heart felt reflection of my life, memories, hopes and dreams.

Flowers are so delicate, with their petals wrapped round tightly, if you think about it, its protecting itself, giving it self a hug and keeping warm.
Then just at the right time the petals open slowly, just a little at a time, peeling back from all the layers, revealing its heart for all to see……
the same could be said for me.

As my petals unfold, hopefully you will see this Ice Maiden defrost and let the light in, letting go of the torment that runs rings around my mind.
That the walls will fall and my spirit will sour, opening up my soul and letting the sunshine warm the past, melting the pain of the damage done in my life.
Finding myself through expressing my dreams and daemons.
Hopefully in time giving you all something to ponder upon, with the questions that distress my mind. And once again maybe just maybe this Rose will become beautiful.


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