And they lived, Happily ever after.

6a00d8341eb8e453ef017d429f18b2970c-800wiI have grown up on fairy-tales and a life time of dreaming, but is there truth in the,


Do dreams come true, does the knight come riding in to save the day.

Is there such a thing as the perfect match, the too good to be true romance, the endless butterflies.

While I am biased to this, because right now I feel there is.

Has the media, imbedded images in our heads, made us long for something that many will never find ?

Has Disney, made us, want more than we can possibly ever gain.

Where I know I am well on my way to my happy ending, that life has finally become kind, I know, every girls dream, is to be brushed off her feet and magic to unfold, to fall in love with the most incredible guy that she has pictured since child hood.

My advise to you if you are still hoping for that Knight, they don’t come on horse back, or in shiny arma, they come in the simplest ways and without you even knowing about it. it will hit you between the eyes and you never see the sphere the same again, and even though, its out your control how long you keep him in your life, while he is there you have your happy ever after, you can dream together, love one another and live. And while you have the happiness, if and when it goes, you still will have that happy ever after, as you have memories and heart-felt treasures.





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