Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.

flower_heart Some days you just cant shake the feeling of being worthless, what ever you try to do in your day-to-day living, never seems to work out or fall into place.
I guess right now, I seem to be stuck in a rut, and feel that what ever I do isn’t good enough.
I see the people I love around me in pain and I can not do anything to take it away from them, I just wish I had the power to make everything ok, but who am I to even try, I’m just a nobody in a big world, just a spec of dust floating around. What can i possible archive. What even gives me the right to try.

I’m hoping that giving my heart, will be enough and that a smile may change a day for at least one. I hope that even though, I’m just that small spec on dusting drifting, that what lays inside of my heart, will be just enough to help with any pain or struggle.
Or even the simple, but heart-felt words that mean the most will make a difference.
For those magical words when spoken to me, are music to my ears and take every part of sadness from my day.


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