Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

we-inhabit-the-corrosive-littoral-of-habitWhile flying back to the UK, last week, my self and my good friend Porter, had a deep and meaningful convo about habit.

We found ourself asking if it is a good thing or not ?

While we all get sucked into the habit, of the way we run our lives, the little annoying things we do, like eg washing the car, mowing the garden every Sunday morning. Is it a good thing to stick to routine or habit? Can we break away from these as easy as we made them? Does it show our characters, or passion in having things just the way we want things to be.

Do we let these over take our lives and thoughts?

Habit runs rings around us in everything we do, not just in the way we plan our days, it plays a massive part in work and love.

Do we slug out everyday at the office, just because we know what we are doing, it’s the norm. All the while we sit and day-dream of what we could be doing, the perfect job, the dream, that we have never got around to following, because habit has nipped us in the butt and kept us from following our hearts.

As for our hearts, does habit, keep us from breaking free from a relationship that you may not want to be in, but you know no different. I myself have done this in the past, I can happily say now that I am free from those chains, and I’m in a relationship because I want to be and Love my partner.

Those chains can be broken, and trust me when you do, the world opens up to you, you breathe for the first time, there is no greater feeling than when you walk away from maybe the job you hate or a loveless marriage, your lungs fill with air, you feel free.

Is it really habit the gets you stuck in a rut or is it fear ?

I always believed it was habit, but now, I can see fear has always been the devil sat on my shoulder, keeping me locked away from breaking free, living out my dreams.

Fear is the over all emotion, that keeps us from living and loving.

Fear is just an emotion and with the right mind, it can be over come.

Close your eyes and picture how you want your life to be, hold on to those thoughts and breath, Now think ” What is stopping me ? ”

Go out and get it.

Change can only be made by you, you’re in control, the ruler of you life. Be true to yourself and follow your dreams, follow your partners dream and be happy.

In the words of Bob Marly

“Dont worry be happy.”



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