Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

194C2A28-680C-11E1-A5B7-9548C0839CB1I know I always seem to blog about LOVE but right now its all i can master to think about. If you have ever had the feeling that take over every part of you, you will understand where i am coming from.
To me there are many kinds of love.

Friendship love, where we will do what ever we can to be there for our friends.

Family love. No matter what happens in life, you know that your always be there for each other and no matter how bad a relationship with a family member is, love will always be there.

Child love – wow how do I explain this one. That first kick you feel, the first heart beat you hear, you are already in love. The first time you hold your child in your arms you melt and you know that you have to be the best you can be for them. You declare your life to them.
You will die to protect them. It is unconditional love.

And then there is the love for your partner.
Well what can I say that hasn’t been said before.
All I know is that it over takes your mind, heart and soul.
You can’t get them out of your head, the excitement of being with them builds and builds and drives you so high, you don’t know how to control it.
The longing to be with them, is so painful that time seems to stop and a minute seems like a year.
And when together, every second is so magical, you find it hard to breath.
You can feel your love growing with every word spoken.
You heart races at every kiss and you go weak at the knees at every smile they give you.
I have no words to explain the feeling or how wonderfully delightful it is.
You want to put the world to rights for them, you only want to see their smile, their happiness is all that is important.It’s like no other love on this planet, no other feeling can match this one feeling alone.I have no way to express how deep these feelings affect you.All I know that when that person loves you back, the earth moves and it completes you.Your heart takes flight.This kind of love can not be taken away even on a rainy day.It’s so powerful, you have no way to control it.It’s wonderful.
If you ever feel like this, have these feelings so strongly, never let that go, because I believe this only comes once in a lifetime.


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