We all shine on…like the moon

blue-moon-wolf-fullIt seems to me lately that, when the moon is full, trouble, upset and struggles rise. Everyone seems troubled.

It has made me think if there is a reason behind this.

We all know the sun affects us, many suffer from S.A.D, so why is if different from the moon.

I have spoken to my dad this morning briefly about, if he believes the moon has an impact on our lives, and he believes it does, but there is no proof to back this up.

His theory is, it’s all to do with water and as the body is mainly made up of water, I don’t fully understand his logic, but the moon affects the tides etc, if it has the power to do this, it has to have some affect on us as human beings.

To me though, the moon only seems to have a bad affect on everyone around me, when at full.

I know I will never get the answer to this as how can this be proven. It just interests me.

Any light you can share on this would be a wonder to read.

Your views and thoughts are dearly welcome.


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