To death do us part.


Ross I promised I would write you a short story and want to keep that promise to you.
So here you go. I started it awhile ago now but had to finish it. Yep I know it’s crap but can’t do much better right now sorry. I’m just sorry I never got to read yours.


The morning sun tries to shimmer through the out fall of the world’s end, the city of Brighton has turned to the city of the walking dead, only few survive and fight for a future, fighting off the friends and family they once held dear in the heart.
A couple stay hidden in their loft space, holding on, to make a future among the zombies that scratch and bang against the door, search for food in their own survival.
Ross and Rose, hold on tight to each other until the walking move on to the next house, in search for their next meal.
They need water and food to get them through the day and decide to venture out against the odds to try to obtain the supplies they need.
Ross, is in his element, a dream come true, shooting at the living dead and protecting his own, while Rose is frightened but battles on throughout it all. As long as they are together, they can battle what ever is thrown at them.
They step a few feet outside and already have to fight. Ross shooting away, his aim is perfect, taking down all zombies that stand in his way of getting his next meal.
Rose stays close to him but gets caught up, as she stumbles in the bushes, as she is grabbed from behind, she struggles to fight off the dead.
Ross comes to her aid and guns down the beasts that try to eat her alive, missing the one that closes in on him, Rose, calls out in panic, as the zombie rips through his skin. Against all odds they make it inside, scared and proud that they made it inside alive.
They hold each other knowing life is about to change and make a promise to never give up until a remedy or cure is found to heal the affected.
As Ross chains hisself to the bed, wanting to stay and protect her. She weeps at what she is about to lose, but determined never to give up on her one true love, her soul mate.
As she sits and watches him change into one that will hunt her, she feels lost, alone and broken. Wanting to give up and join him. She thinks of the promise she made to hold on against what ever is to come and help him heal.
Longing to hold his hand in hers, she sits and watches him pull, push and fight to get to her. She talks to him through her tears about their life and the love that they had for one another in hope that he will understand, and something may pull him back to her.
His strength is to strong and he breaks free, pounding towards her, she stays still and embraces her future, remembering only the times of love in her life, how wonderful it has been with him by her side.
As his teeth skin into her skin, she knows that life as she knows it is over but at least this way they can still be together.


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