A beautiful summers day.

imageWoke up this morning to the sun shining and heart full of pain.
I head to the Brighton station, taking a trip that I knew would be painful. A trip down memory lane, while a pleasant one, my god it was hard to take those footsteps alone.
Re visiting the wonders of the last year. Special places that all hold meaning and memories.
Trying to keep the happiness of those alive, and not letting my sadness in.
I had sure a lovely time just chatting away with someone very dear to my heart.
It felt right and if I didn’t know any better, it felt like the ways things should be. It was like stepping back in time, just a short time ago, before my life fall apart.
And here I am now, back in Brighton, alone and lost. Still hoping that one day life will get better, that things will work out.
Brighton now has become the darkest place on earth. Even though the sun shines and the people are all cheerful. To me it’s a place of torment. A place I don’t want to be.
Only one town and person holds the key to the light. I guess I have to see if that key will ever be turned. I pray that in time it does.
For love is the key to happiness.