Our second date – Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be the most beautiful chapters.


12th June 2012

What an amazing day, well few hours that we got to spend together and whoop the rain didn’t stop play.

Was nervous there for a minute with all that rain on Monday, when I saw the photos of the floods, I was sure I wasn’t going to get to you.
(Thank you Mother Nature for giving us a helping hand in surprising him)
Got to tell you when I arrived at yours my tummy was in knots, I knew you were disappointed that you thought I couldn’t come.
 I’m sorry babes, but the look on your face when I walked into your room was a picture. One I will never forget.
There you were music blasting, dancing around your room.
I will never forget that moment.
It was so fantastic to see you, and to see the joy in your eyes which mirrored mine. Hee hee, we are so soppy. Love it 🙂
Our Chemistry  burnt with a passion, and yes, it sure was passion, burning red hot passion. 😉
God I never wanted to leave, and I loved the way you kept me longer and longer, determined not to let me go.
They were an amazing few hours just not long enough. 😦
God I hate leaving you. Miss you already baby.
Being away from you is excruciating, we belong together, we shouldn’t be apart, it’s wrong it’s so wrong.
Until next time baby. X X X ❤ XXX

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