It’s a pirates life for us …… Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be the most beautiful chapters.


4th July 2012.

(Date 3 – yesterday)

Morning handsome, sorry I didn’t write last night, was late when I got home.Yesterday, wow, best day ever. Got to say you have made me see Portsmouth in a new light.

Can’t believe what a truly wonderful day that was.

Can’t wait to go back to the docks with you and see more.

Having trouble working out what was my best part about our date. So hard,  all of it was just bloody brilliant.

Got to admit, I felt like a kid again, running around playing with all the cool games, watching you try and fly a helicopter. Hee hee, that was a giggle.

And the cinema, well what can I say, no popcorn throwing but sure felt like  being at high school, making out in the back row 😉

The victory was awesome to, still think we should have stolen her. We are pirates you know 🙂

But you know what tops off the day, meeting Mads. She’s so lovely, but on top of that you held my hand and supported me, when my anxiety kicked it, you never left my side, that touched my heart more than you know.
I’m sorry if I made you look an idiot.
Baby , you’ve left me with a massive smile on my face, love in my heart and an ache in my body (wink wink)
Roll on our next adventure.
Loving you more everyday.
Until later babes x x x


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