Field of dreams

image18th september 2012
Today you took me on a picnic, you made me lunch and boy it was yummy.
In true us style we had to break the rules and be a little naughty, lol.
I think you know what I’m talking about šŸ˜‰
All I can say is that was incredibly hot and romantic.
Making love to you on a blanket in the fields you grow up in, running around as a teenybopper.
It was a fantastic day even with the dog walker who caught us at it, lol.
I’m still laughing now. I think we both lit the whole of Bognor with our blushing.
Baby, everyday I spend with you, just gets better and better. Life is damn fantastic right now and that is down to you, well us, being so in love.
I can’t tell you enough that you rock my world and I promise you no one can ever love you as much as I do.
You win my heart over and over again.
I bid you good night, blow kisses in the breeze and thank you for a wonderful day, one that will never be forgotten.
Good night and I love you x

Once upon a perfect night – Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be the most beautiful chapters. october 2012.
Baby we spent our first night in each others arms.
We finally got to fall asleep together, to say good night and good morning.
Every moment was perfect. Your perfect. I want that everyday for the rest of our life’s.
I can’t get enough of being with you.
And even though we are both poorly that didn’t take the magic away.
Just snuggling up with you all night, nothing can beat that, even with runny noses and snores.
The last two days have been wonderful, just cuddling up watching Googlewhack Adventure going to meet, Tasha at her party but the best part is always when it’s just us alone holding one enough, talking until the early hours.
Nothing on this earth can every beat waking up and watching you sleep.
I’ve dreamed of that moment for so long. And it blow everything I’ve dreamed about out the water.
Every second was perfect.
Your perfect and I love you.
As I sit in bed alone now and think of you, I smile and my heart flutters. And even though you can’t hear me, I’m saying good night baby, and blowing you a kiss goodnight.
This Gizz loves you, until tomorrow I’ll be with you in our dreams. X