As I sold my soul to the open road……

imageWhen life gets too much to bare and you have nothing left to live for.
When life gets you so drawn into a nightmare that there just doesn’t seem to be anyway back.
What do you do ?
Me, I think too much and draw into myself, the walls get built higher than ever before but I still cry out to the one I want to hear me, understand me and love me.
As my mind won’t ease up, I had to do something to try to stop the emptiness and sadness that rules me.
After no sleep which has become the norm, I couldn’t stand the silence anymore or the constant thoughts and devastation, so I throw on a trackie and my old faithful trainers and hit the road.
Well I have countryside at my feet so why no see if I can find some peace in the landscape.
Little did I know that traveling along at a slow pace, against my unfitness would give me even more thoughts and even more pain.
How can something I once loved now cause me such torment.
I know my own mistakes have stuffed up every good thing in my life.
And even though I can’t change the past I’m hoping, I’m praying I can put right the future.
I’m crying out to be heard and to hold on.
So as the road of life holds me tight in its twisted journey, I put one foot in front of the other and try to prove I’m worthy of that happy ending that lies in the love of my soul mate.

What do women want ?

imageWhat is it that women really want?

Is it to be swept of their feet in a big romantic gesture?

Or do they really want to pay the bill, open their own car door, fetch their own coat and stand on their own two feet.

We all like to be independent but does that really mean, we want romance to be dead.

I personally think romance and to be serenaded is a huge part of a relationship, as it is the little things that count.

No big money doesn’t have to be spent, it’s just the small things, like a squeeze of the hand to show support. A look into your eyes to show they care, a song dedicated to you, a letter or card, something hand-made, that has had the heart and soul put into it. These things are special. They count.

Doing something that they would not normally want to do, just to make you happy.

We don’t need flowers every week or chocolates, gifts etc, all we need is to know we are cared about, so yes in getting a lady’s coat or opening a door goes a long way to showing them you care about them.

You don’t have to sing outside her window, or dance in the street, ok must admit that would be funny to watch and a great memory but it really isn’t needed. A few simple words of care and love will win over a women’s heart, a million times faster. All we women want is to be shown you care, words and compassion is what to me it is all about.

Three simple things go along way.

1 – Touch

2 – eye contact.

3 – speech.

Without these, how can you win her heart.

Being shown you are cared about has to be the most amazing feeling.

And will give you the perfect memories.

I will never forget the romantic gestures Ross gave me without even knowing he was doing it, and that’s the beauty of the big word Love.
What I’m trying to say is if you care, show her, we all want to feel loved.

We don’t need the whole bank of England spent on us, we just need your time and the fact you want to give us that.

Love can be beautiful, but you need to work at it, its not easy, but its worth it.

Thank you.

thank you for being in my life





I made you a little something this morning to let you know I love you and to say thank you for being my life.

I will always love you from the bottom of my heart.
You our my soul, my love and my heart.
I love you more than words can say.
You are everything to me.