With deep regret.

I am writing this, on behalf of Rose, because I understand, her website is her voice.
She is critically ill and I have been asked to inform you, that she is not yet on stable ground.
At the present we do not know if she will pull through.
Her depression and the loss, court up with her and she tried to commit suicide.
We can not comprehend her reasons or begin to understand them.
Suicide is not the answer to problems, all it brings is pain and regrets to others.
Who ever said,” Suicide doesn’t hurt. It’s life that hurts”, is wrong.
Suicide does not destroy one life, it destroys the lives of many.
All we can do now is hope that medical professionals can help her in her quest back to health.
We also hope that her friends, family and the people she loves will not judge her. Judgement, bitterness, jealousy, are the reasons I am sit here today writing to you.
“Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.”