Alex – Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be the most beautiful chapters.

Once again I’m posting on behalf of Rose, she is awake and brighter today. She asked me to copy and paste the below blog for you. There will be a second blog later today for you.

I’m not sure if this morning I made a mistake or upset you, god I hope I did the right thing. I know I went behind your back but I swear I did it with the best intentions. I never meant to upset you or make you mad.
All I wanted was you to get back in contact with someone I know was a big part of your life, maybe even your best friend.
And although I know it could bring on jealousy ( sorry ) I had to do this and put my own feelings aside, I know that there is nothing to be jealous about, that your feelings are just friendship.
So let me explain to you why I contacted Christy behind your back, in hope to get Alex’s number to give to you.
Baby I did it for you, because I know you miss her. I know friendship is important but most of all, all I want is your happiness, for you to be able to smile at the thought of meeting up with her again. For you to take trips down memory lane and know that I did this for you because I love you and want you to be happy.
I want you to know that I didn’t want to betray you, I was doing this for you and to show you that care.
I hope you will see at some point my reasons, for being sneaky.
You reaction when I told you what I had done, I didn’t understand if you were mad or not, if you are angry for me interfering. It really wasn’t my intention to cause you any pain, hurt or upset.
I just want your happiness.
I’m now hoping that the day gets better and you get to speck to her.

So the day is nearly over and as I climb into bed and reflect on the day, all that runs through my mind is the beautiful status you wrote on Facebook about me :,-)

“my girlfriend Rose Rivers is phenomenal, she honestly only wants the best for me, is looking out for me and loves me. and me her. I love you gorgeous xxx”

Thank you baby.
I love you
I’m so pleased you and Alex have spoken and that you are going to meet up. I just wish I could be there with you, be part of it, but I guess I’ve played my part now and it’s for you two to take the next step alone. Just know that when you do I’ll be with you in thought. I want you to have a wonderful time.
So until tomorrow Darlin I love you and good night x

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