Music is an outburst from the soul – for Ross and Donna x

I believe music can sum most things up in life.
Music specks to you.
Music is a magic key to the most locked heart, and when you can’t use words to express yourself.

Right now I’m finding it hard to come up with the words to express my inner torment.
So I’m going to try to give my message in music, to two special people, of course one being Ross.
The other his mum, Donna.

Donna became one of my closest friends, I look up to her and respect her deeply.
She felt like family, and i saw her as kinda the mum i always wanted to have.
I miss her greatly.
I miss our morning coffees and chats.
Donna I have two songs for you one song I dedicated to you a while back, not sure if you remember, you asked what song I would sum you up with, my reply was the song below, as I’m sure it would be the song your fantastic kids would give to you.
Your strength as a person and a mother is truly inspirational.
Your heart and kindness couldn’t be more true.
I thank you for everything you gave to me over the last few years
So here are your songs.
I hope you understand the meanings.

Well Ross we have so many songs that mean so much to us so it’s very hard to even try and sum up my feelings, regret and love in just a few songs.
But here are just a few.
What I’m trying to say is
I love you, I love you for you. Your my love of my life and ill fight for you.


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