The little things, one day you will realise they were the big things.

I miss all those little things about you, about us.
I remember the way your eyes would light up when you smiled, kissed me, looked at me and the way you would laugh,it would make me laugh too. The way you would stare at my butt as I would walk up the stairs, the way you would take my hand where ever we walked, the way you would sneakily turn around to see where I was when playing cs-go. How you would try to cover me in chicken slime. I miss all these little things.
I remember how happiness was just an ordinary feeling.It wasn’t something that we wished for, it just happened easily.
Life can be hard and it can hurt, we do or say something we never really meant and before we can take it back the pain has sunk in, the damage is done, but it’s never to late, if only you would open your heart and remember the little things and the things that made us strong, and made us promise this was forever no matter what went wrong.
If we can only remember that love was our’s and let go of the tough times and heartache and take a moment to rewind. I know we can find the happiness that used to fill our hearts everyday.
I miss all those little things that we used to be and that we use to do. For they were not little things, they were the big things, they were us. So please try to remember and smile at those, for we were the perfect picture and my love still only grows. For I cannot forget that feeling, or let it slip away, because the little things, mean so much and I still love you everyday.

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