An odd day.

Well I did it, I went back to work picked up a camera and did my first photo shoot in years.
Can’t say it was the best shoot, working on the cliffs with mist rolling off the cliffs, not the best for taking photos.
Got to say I struggled shooting on manual after taking photos in auto for the last few years.
Really had to think about what I was doing, make sure I knew how the light was changing, working out where the shadows would fall, there is so much more to this than I remember. It tested me for sure.
Working with models again was a challenge, I forgot how bitchy they are. What little madams they can be.
All in all it opened my eyes back up and now I’m not sure if I really want to work at this level.
Time to re-think.
Had a good day though, and kept my mind busy.
Now I sit and wait to meet Ross, my tummy is turning, and feel very strange. It’s kinda like meeting for that first date, even though I know it’s not, I still have the butterfly’s. Time is going so slow and I just pray he turns up.
I guess I wait and see and pray that my heart won’t shatter into a million pieces.


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