Now you are walking in Paris.

705217_546768125387597_1806725995_oParis, they say the city of love, the city of light, it’s the city that you never want to leave, the place where love blooms and the heart sores.
Hmmmm all I can say on that one is I have never had that feeling there, the light in June is beautiful if you are looking through eyes of hope, love and airiness. If you standing hand in hand with your loved one, you soul mate. I’m sure as sure that Paris, can then be all those things.

Paris to me is a place of heartbreak, a city where my heart hold bitterness and loneliness, but these are my own personal feelings, and I could be wrong so wrong, but many people I have spoken to all agree with me that it’s a dirty, unfriendly place, that draws people in with the magical word LOVE!

Guys love is everywhere, in the smallest of things, from a smile, to just a look across the room, there is no need to fly to look for it in a city, that smells so bad, that it makes you gag. That is so dirty, that you want to wipe your feet on the way out of the city.

As normal I have gone of on a detour from the blog I wanted to write, I didn’t mean to slate the city, but to give you some insight to the best parts, to shed some light on what there is worth seeing there.

Paris to me is all about one place, its beautiful, so very beautiful.
Musee du Louvre.

How can I sum this place up………
Imagine, a picnic blanket, your partner’s hand in yours, the sun shining down on you, a slight breeze to keep you cool, a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, as you sit in the gardens of Tuileries, and take in the view. Its breathtaking, truly it is.
To me it’s the gardens, which hold the key to Paris.
It has to be the most romantic place on a summer’s day, where you can lie on the glass, and just take in the impressiveness of the surrounding architecture. If you are lucky enough to take your love of your life there, you so have to do that, even if you end up not seeing anything else, I swear if I had taken Ross, I don’t think we would have ever wanted to leave.

Ok so the famous Eiffel Tower. I really don’t know how I can praise this up, to me it’s just busy, nosey and a little disappointing. They have grown so many trees around the base, that it now is impossible to get a full picture of the size and the structure of this kinda incredible lump of steel.
That’s what it is, it’s just steel, ok its beautiful in its own light, if you look at the work that has gone into making it. The sweat and blood shad.
If you fancy queuing for hours to go to the top, the view I’m sure maybe worth it to you, and if you have the time and the money, to do so, I say do it, but be careful guys, pickpockets are rife here. They will have you.

Moving on, well if its romance you are looking for, maybe this isn’t for you, but to me, it’s the 2nd best place and sure I think a walk around here, holding hands and a picnic, would be mega romantic.
Père Lachaise Cemetery.
I’m not sure what it is about it, but it’s charming and bewitching, I can not put my finger on it, I really can’t, but it has to be seen.
No matter how wrong it may seem, pack up a picnic, of bread and cheese, a bottle of wine and enjoy the magnificent history of the cemetery. It really will take your breath away.

If that’s not your cup of tea, or coffee in true French style, there are hundreds upon hundreds of cafe to sit, drink and chat in.
Isn’t that what Paris is famous for after all.
My favorite has to be Ten Belles, their coffee is to die for and their home-made pastries are scummy. My mouth is watering just thinking of them. If only they delivered to the UK.

The Arc Triomphe,
it’s one of those ones that you have to go and see, just to say you have been. Good luck getting across to it though, and please be safe, the driving in Paris, is a nightmare. They are crazy.
Arc Triomphe is beautiful, I personally think, it could be worth being hit by a car for, but then again I’ll think about that one, I haven’t braved it yet.

The Seine,
The best way to see Paris is a trip along the Seine, there are hundreds of tours, which will show you all the best parts of the city without your legs killing you by the end of the day. You will also get the see all the famous bridges, 37 in total. I have to say this is worth doing. Paris is busy and the metro is a nightmare, that when you can find an entrance to even get on it, this has to be the best way to see the sights at leisure.

As for food, the place to go is, Le Dome.
You will not be disappointed; I have had many a fantastic meal here. It’s not cheap though, but then again what is in Paris. It is mainly fish on the menu, but they are happy to help with your needs as much as possible, I’m not a great fish lover, but my friends and family. I really can’t express more, that they are very helpful and friendly, a rare find to be honest, the French are mainly rude.
Le Dome, goes against the grain here.

That’s more than likely a few days taken up on a trip, so really you should get the hell out of the city and travel, there is so much more beauty and romance is sleepy towns and country side. Leave Paris behind and feel what love really feels like.


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