She fills your heart with magic and love

imageMarly-Kate Aphrodite Rivers I can’t believe you turn two today, happy birthday our little princess. You truly deserve the most incredible day.
The last two years have been a struggle to say the least with your health but you’ve never given up fighting, you’ve shown pure strength and determination. You are a lesson to us all. Look at you now, healthier than you have ever been.

Although I cannot give you the best life, the life you deserve, one where you get to hold your daddy’s/Ross’s hand and run and play with him, I promise you I will always do my best by you. I will be your mummy and your daddy and be there every step of the way.

You have come on so far in the last few months. To watch you run around with Mitch, both of you unsteady on your feet, is such a joy, and although I missed your first steps, watching you paddle in the steam, seeing the joy in your eyes as the water splashes you, watching you enjoying the freedom of life, makes up for everything I’ve missed.
Your smile and energy is a dream, it sets my heart on fire.
And although when I put you to bed and you reach you arms out to the framed picture by your cot and you speck your only words you know, waiting to kiss him good night, I just wish I had the power to give you the real thing. It breaks my heart.
Please trust me my princess that I will do my very best by you, I love you enough to give you all the love you will ever need.
Your my beautiful baby girl and mummy loves you so much.
Happy birthday princess, now let the fun begin 🙂


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