Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love.

I was emailed the below poem, by my dad yesterday.

The single mother struggles alone
to most the challenges she faces are unknown
she cooks, irons and cleans
makes sure they eat their greens
she holds them when they are in pain
through to all she will never complain
she comforts them after a bad dream
and always builds up their self-esteem
she will work long hours & gives all her worth
she would do anything for her children of birth
commitment pulls her in every direction
to many demands..never enough time
stretched beyond limitation
responsibilities she embraces without fear
she would sacrifice it all for those she holds dear
But who cares for her when she falls in bed depleted
who understands her ache for loves loss
who comforts her when loneliness pulls her down
into a dark abyss
who listens when she cries out ‘is this all there is?’

He knows how it feels to raise a child alone. He brought my sister up totally alone and always gave the best he could.
He admits that only at times he wished he had a helping hand, but he is proud to have brought her up alone, he thinks at least that way, you are never at war about the little things that partners fight about bringing up their children together.
And although I feel broken that I can’t give Marly-Kate, the man who I wish was her daddy and that she could have that solid family unit, I once wanted to do it alone and I know I can. I will have pride in every milestone she accomplishes, knowing that I hopefully guided her in the right direction. And all thought my heart aches to not have Ross by my side, it’s not because I needed him to be her daddy, but more the fact that I want him in her life and mine of course.

Life has changed, more than I can possibly explain, for the first time ever since I had Mars, I’m totally alone with her, I have no family or friends around and all my time is for my daughter.
It’s strange to think the my days now consist of, playing games, building block towers, and having tea party’s.
It brings back the fondest of memory’s of my sister and I, hiding away in my bedroom, making our own magical world, where are dreams came true.
And here I am yet again, living in a child’s world, where nothing has limitations.
All I can think is ” Why do we have to grow up, why do we have to lose our freedom of the mind”


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