When morning breaks, my first thought is I miss him, but I try to focus on something else just to get me through the day, I really do try. Everyday he’s on my mind, but without him nothing seems to have a meaning.
And when the sun goes down, I miss him even more. I miss the hours we would spend talking, I miss cooking up a feast together, I miss the hours we would spend lying side by side, me tracing lines upon his skin even though he didn’t like it much. I miss the way he held me close enough to hear his heartbeat, I miss how his smile was once my sun on a rainy day. I miss how his hands always gave me the softest touch. They’d always give me a tingle, one of the reason I loved them so much. I miss how his hugs were once like medicine that changed a frown to smile and I miss how his kisses, would sweep me off my feet, those kisses can never be replaced.
I miss him every minute of everyday and every night, leaving me with an ache, a sadness, an emptiness that doesn’t ever go away.
I miss him so much.


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