image Yesterday I was given the most amazing song, by Γιαννης Χρηστου, one of the members of the band, Silent Birth.
I’m totally blown away by the beauty and meaning of this wonderful piece of music.
And if I’m totally honest, within seconds of listening to this wonderful masterpiece, I had tears rolling down my face, and goosebumps upon my skin.

To tell you a little more about this excellent piece of music and why right now it means so much to me.

Ross once wrote me a most sensational poem.
To me, it was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I had ever read, in tow with the website Ross made for me.

Many months later, I decided to ask a good and dear friend of mine Γιαννης Χρηστου, if him and his band would do me a big favour and write a piece of music and make the poem into a song.
I wanted to give it to Ross as a gift, to show him how much his poem means to me and that I love him.

Γιαννης Χρηστου agreed and yesterday he sent me a copy of the poem/song.

I am totally speechless, it means so much to me and even though, I can’t give it to Ross the way I had planed I’m hoping the he can see the meaning behind it.
That he knows that, Silent Birth, made this for us, the music was written, especially for his poem, and the lyrics were sung, with my heart in them.

I really can not thank Silent Birth enough for doing this for me.
I will always be grateful to you all.

And Ross I hope you like it and know that even though you wrote the outstanding lyrics, this is my gift to you, given with all my love.

Lilly’s on a peaceful river
Or petals in the wind
Violins playing at an opera
Earrings made from pearls

Your beauty exceeds all of these
Outside you are a wonder
Underneath… where to begin!

Rare is such a marvel
Only seen in few
Some people never see it
Everything is you


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