Hero in waiting.

imageDear my hero in waiting.
From the minute I was born, I have heard your name repeated over and over with words of love.
How I have wanted to meet you, play with you and hold your fingers with my hand.
How I’ve wanted to hear you call my name, for you to pick me up when I cry or just because you want a snuggle.
How I’ve wanted for you to tuck me in at night and be there when I wake.
How I’ve wanted to see you smile as I learn something new.
How I’ve longed to love you like my mummy does.
How I’ve wanted to steal your ice cream and pizza crusts.
How I’ve dreamed of trips to the park, forest and beach, holding your hand as we enjoy the pleasures of the day.
How I wish you could hear my words that I say to you each night as I kiss your photo goodnight.
How I wish it was you standing beside my cot as I drift of to sleep and when I wake.
How I wish it could all be the way mummy told me it would be.
But most of all, I wish that you could make my mummy smile again.
And I wish that you know that we love you and your be my hero in waiting always.
Love from Marly-Kate


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