Is he for real?

imageHow can I believe in god and heaven when all he ever sends me is pain, if he’s real he teased me with happiness and took it away?
Why would one be so cruel and torment me that way ?
Why would god keep sending me battles to keep me feeling this way.
If he’s real and meant to be kind and loving why is there so much hate?
Why would there be wars and sadness in every direction you look?
Why are hearts bleeding and family’s striving, when if he loved like the bible implies, shouldn’t there be peace, enough food to feed us all?
Why are there evil men and women who commit evil crimes while the sweet and loving people are torn away to his side?
Why does he let us hurt and lose what pleasure he is meant to give, why would he take away the one thing that we love.
Why is it that if he’s so pure, does he not turn the world around and let us be at peace with life?
Why is it he makes things beautiful and let things fade away, like flowers and sunset and butterflies, why do they have to die?
Why if he’s so powerful does he not change everything?
Why does he look down on us and let evil win.
But most of all, if he’s real, why on earth does he hide away and not show us he’s real.