One wish

imageI have one wish, a wish I pray everyday will come true. I’m sure you can all guess what it is, not going to spill it out here as a wish told is meant to not come true.

But there is a part of the wish that I wish could happen more than anything right now.
I wish to have one day, just one with Ross, where we forget all the stress, heartache and pain and we spend the day in each others company, remember what it felt like to be together and how wonderful it was.
How we use to so enjoy each others company, I wish that he could just let me have a day, an outing if its only for a goodbye.
I know it’s a lot to ask but I have to.
I hate not having his friendship, that hurts more than not having his love.
To me he is the most wonderful friend I’ve ever had and it kills to not have that anymore.
I miss that, I really miss that, I miss him.



imageI have suffered from nightmares for a few years now, but only when I’m having a trying time in my life.
Lately the dreams have become a lot more deep and terrifying.
Last night I had the most powerful dream to date and very different from the nightmares I normally encounter.
I woke myself by screaming in my sleep, ok I do this a lot but this was different and frightened me so much so I was too scared to get out of bed.

To cut the dream short as it seemed to last forever.

I was being suffocated by an unknown force, a spirit/ghost.
It was disturbing really disturbing.
As I cried out for help in my dream, no one came. ( I guess it proves I’m alone, totally alone)
As I struggled to breath, gasping for air as the life drained out of me, it was an overbearing feeling.

I’m not sure if I believe in dream meanings, to be honest I haven’t really looked into my dreams that much. This dream hit me on a new level so when I was brave enough to get of bed, I hit that google button and this was the result.

Psychological Meaning: This dream may indicate that you feel emotionally overwhelmed by a situation that causes you anxiety. You may feel unable to cope.

Mystical Meaning: Dream superstition says that this dream is a warning about sorrow and ill health.

It couldn’t be more true. Kinder shocked.
Maybe there is some truth in dream meanings after all.