imageI have suffered from nightmares for a few years now, but only when I’m having a trying time in my life.
Lately the dreams have become a lot more deep and terrifying.
Last night I had the most powerful dream to date and very different from the nightmares I normally encounter.
I woke myself by screaming in my sleep, ok I do this a lot but this was different and frightened me so much so I was too scared to get out of bed.

To cut the dream short as it seemed to last forever.

I was being suffocated by an unknown force, a spirit/ghost.
It was disturbing really disturbing.
As I cried out for help in my dream, no one came. ( I guess it proves I’m alone, totally alone)
As I struggled to breath, gasping for air as the life drained out of me, it was an overbearing feeling.

I’m not sure if I believe in dream meanings, to be honest I haven’t really looked into my dreams that much. This dream hit me on a new level so when I was brave enough to get of bed, I hit that google button and this was the result.

Psychological Meaning: This dream may indicate that you feel emotionally overwhelmed by a situation that causes you anxiety. You may feel unable to cope.

Mystical Meaning: Dream superstition says that this dream is a warning about sorrow and ill health.

It couldn’t be more true. Kinder shocked.
Maybe there is some truth in dream meanings after all.


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