Worse things have happened at sea.

imageI need a place right now to let it all out
After an awful day at work, all I want to do is tell them to stick their job so far up their back sides, it will never see the light of day again.
I hate my job with a passion
Customers moan 24 7 and for no reason, I wish my problems were as simple.
Really does it matter if the corner shop didn’t have the coffee you drink, try a new one, you may like it more.
Get over it already, worst things have happened at sea.
If real problems or heartbreak fall upon you, god help you that’s all I can say.
I’m not paid to sit there and listen to you slating everyone you know.
Have you not heard the saying if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. ( good advice for me while writing this blog)

How can a work place be so two-faced and bitchy, I really don’t understand how people can be nice to each other and then turn around and slag that person off. It’s wrong so wrong.
Put the cat claws away and front that person with your problem, because other wise it will storm out of control and I don’t want to be there when the fire works alight.
There is no need for it.
Problems can be over come with simply talking to each other.

As for my boss. Got to say, she’s a nice person, we get on well.
But please stop bitching to me about the others, they are your staff, you sort them out. It’s not my job, and for Christ sake I’m the new girl, who am I to butt in.
As for my work load, Jesus you can’t just throw me to the sharks and see if I can swim faster than them.
I haven’t had time to get my head around the job and your acting like I’ve been doing it forever.
I haven’t, would be good to remember that, so if the pressure continues mistakes will be made and that will fall on me even though you have put me outside my comfort zone with the most bitchy, picky customers you have, that no one else wants to deal with.
I’m so close to telling them to just jog on right now, I don’t need the shit and they are lucky that I even showed up today.
I’ve held myself together, and the ice-maiden is in full force. I will not cry, I will not break and I will not give into the emotions that are fighting me every second of everyday.
I’m waiting for the break, I’m waiting for the crash that I know is coming, I can feel it.
I can feel every single emotion and pain consuming my heart soul and body, and I’m working to try to take my mind off the pain, no other reason.
Rant over !