Times ticking ……..

imageTime is just time for most of us, but it can be taken away, at any moment, leaving people behind to face life with out you.

I heard sometime rather special, heart warming and sad, the other day and it pulled on my heart-strings.
My dear friend who left this world not so long ago, had one last story to tell about a girl and a boy who let time slip away.
You see, he had very strong feelings for this girl but chickened out of telling her. It came to light that she had the same feelings and she also didn’t speck a word to him about what her heart was telling her.
While he was living out his final days, he admitted those feelings and they were told to her. I’m guessing that when they both found out how they felt, their hearts melted and took flight.
The sad thing is they left it too late and they never got a chance to be together. It’s so sad, they would have been perfect together, a match made in heaven.
I’m just pleased that when he moved on from living hell to a better place that he had peace in his heart and he was happy, knowing that he could have had the girl. (I hope your reading this, and smiling to yourself, knowing it’s about you)

It shows me though that life is too short and if you love someone let them know before it’s to late
So Ross I love you, I adore you, worship the ground you walk on.
Your my world, my heart and my soul, you are everything to me.
I love love love you x


2 responses to “Times ticking ……..

  1. Touching the mist

    there`s a little piece of you in a special place in me, there`s a little piece of me in a special place in you, forever in unison, we dance away, never to touch, like the night and day.

    I threw my inspiration……. into the river of life, a journey of infinite currents……. from love to strife, so close to meeting, nearly virtual free, then……. a turbulent current….. took thee, A rapid…… a disconnection……… in the physical we are split, within spiritual harmony for us…… a new path may be lit, so this is not the finale, nor is this the END…. Just part of our cosmic journey, My would have been lover, my spiritual friend.


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