Jog on already …….

imagewhat a week it has been so far.
Firstly work, is still a nightmare, even walking to work yesterday was a bitch, maybe it will teach me to look where I’m going and get out my little bubble.
Walking along I slip on something, nearly falling on my arse, I turn to see what sent me flying and why I was getting laughed at, yuk there on the floor was a puddle on sick, now half of it was all over my shoes. Kinda funny now I look back and thank god I didn’t land in it.
So I carry on walking, still in my own little bubble, trying to get my head together before I walk into a day full of back stabbing. I look to cross the road next thing I know I have to jump out the way as a car flys towards me. OMG all this and it’s only 7.50 in the morning.
Trust my luck.
Day didn’t get much better until I meet my mum for coffee. Was great catching up with her.
So this week, one of my all time favourite people got sent to ashes, and tomorrow they set him free, so so sad but I’m trying to see it as he is free now and out of pain. Hopefully floating on some cloud laughing at me as I slide in sick.
It’s also been a week of doctors and hospital, firstly I’m called and asked to come into see the doctor. Not told why, that’s kinda a head screw, when I get there, they want blood tests, try to get me to stop smoking and try to push happy pills down my neck. They are told to jog on, it both respects and I leave feeling a little bit fed up at wasting my time.
Hospital today, well that was a huge headache, and once again, they talk a talk I don’t understand, all I really understood was the fact that I will be sliced and diced. Hmmmm really is that called for, don’t see the point. I really don’t.
Use your funds on someone worthy and who has a happy life in front of them.
It’s one battle that at this time I have no interest in fighting.
I guess it’s all comes at the wrong time in my life, a year ago, I know I would have done anything to fight this one, now though, I just don’t have a reason to.
So my week has been shit and tomorrow will be really hard.
And you know what, all I want is his hand in mine telling me that I’m not alone and he’s there supporting me.
I can dream can’t I.
So my middle finger goes up to this week but the truth of the matter is, I don’t want it to end yet as it will be the weekend and those are hard, so so hard.


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