More than…….

imageWhen he touched me my body would awaken like the waves crashing on the shore, when the spray back hits you and it takes your breath away. As the cold water splashes you, and gives you goose bumps.
To the sky lighting up on firework night.
His touch would give off, bright beautiful colours dancing freely around my soul, to the huge bang as my heart alights as his skin would melt into mine.
Like, the feeling of being tickled, the fear of what is to come as my knees would weaken, as I fall helplessly into his embrace.
Like sitting near an open fire as the flames sour, sparkle and dance, the warmth over runs as I would lose my breath and become lost totally lost, in just that one small touch.
Add these all together, and a million tingle, and heartbeats dancing perfectly, that is what Ross’s single touch would do to me.
I can’t put into words how incredible those simple touches were, how he affects me.
How he drove all my senses crazy, how my body knew it was love as well as my heart.


Cruel games or something more ?

imageWow, at work today, in walks a man, he has an appointment with one of the other girls.
He looks at me, and I give him a smile, a nice friendly fake smile and get on with my job.
Next thing I know and I look up, to see my boss and this man standing over me.
I’m asked bluntly to make my way to the staff room.
Shit what have I done wrong?
The look on their faces is strange and I can’t work it out.
I felt like I was walking the green mile, as I close in on the staff room. My palms are hot and I feel dizzy. Kinda a little scared. I wanted it over with ASAP.

So I’m asked to sit, I can’t explain it, tears well in my eyes and I swear I was about to burst into tears.

The gent sits next to me and goes to take my hand.
I pull back letting him know, my box is out of limits. DO NOT TOUCH ME!

He explains to me that he is not there to upset me, or harm me in anyway.
I still feel very uneasy and wish he would just get on with, whatever it is.

He asks me to look at him. I do. A calm fills me as soon as I do.
Woooo where did that come from?
He starts to talk ……….
” Rose, your name is Rose, you have lost your soul mate, you are half a soul, I need to tell you, that you have to continue in your quest to be with the man you love. You are meant to be together.”

My mouth hits the floor and I stare at him.

I ask who had told him my story and that he is playing a cruel game.
His reply, was along the line of no one had sent him. He had seen a troubled soul as he passed the shop, a few days ago and he was drawn in to make an appointment, so he could speck to me.

Wow what can I say.
Either someone is playing a very sick game on me or this is really freaky.

I have an appointment with him next week, so I guess I will see what he has to say.
I guess you may get to read a little more about it later on.
Right now I have no idea, what to make of it.
I guess time will tell.