We sometimes put our own dreams and desires on the back burner. We let our dreams die.
I guess sometimes in life you are more than happy to do this, to be with a certain person, as their happiness means more to you than your own.
To me there is nothing wrong with this, I’m a strong believer in putting other people before myself.
I know I would do this a million times over for the one I forbid myself to think about.
(Shit, I just did, damn I suck)

I once had huge dreams, dreams I was filling, but times change, I no longer want those dreams, now new ones have taken there place, ones that I would give my life for.
Those dreams are now so far away from happening, but do you give up on a dream, or do you fight with all your might to get our goal.
I know my own answer to the question, but Im a believer of the heart over the head. Now how do I change that ?

(This blog was written mainly to test the site)


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