imageHaven’t you noticed how words can mean different things to other people?

You are trying to convince someone of what is wrong and what is right. Good and bad. Although, every time you do this, it turns into a very lengthy and unproductive debate. You both are solid in your belief and won’t budge, being unable to understand why the other can’t simply give in to what your saying.

I believe the main issue is that “good” to them might mean something completely different from your “good.” For them, it could mean always having correct and unselfish thoughts, for you it might mean just not hurting other people. And even with this, unselfish thoughts may also represent something different to you both. So how do you get anywhere?

Before you even get into a debate you must first layout and get an understanding of your perspectives. In most debates, the bulk of the talk is the debaters achieving a common understanding of what they are trying to express, and what they actually mean when they put out the word “Good” or “Moral.”

This type of thinking isn’t just for when you get into debates or arguments with people. Sure, people won’t always be able to see eye to eye, but you should understand that when someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, the whole thing could be a simple misunderstanding.
Think before you speak, and then go over the thought at least three times.
Open your mind and listen to what the others have to say.
Listening is the key to life.
An open mind also helps, and always follow your heart over you head.


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