Why I don’t ……..

I’m asked why I don’t get angry or hate?

Human beings are the only creatures who have the choice to either live within our nature or to not to. What I mean by that is actually kind of simple.
We are the only creatures who will do things that go against our happiness and lively hood. We’ll cause disharmony within the world with our actions. Say hurtful things to others when we know it does no good. We choose to hate people with all our hearts when in the end the only person receiving harm is our selves.

If you are sitting in a room and just glaring at someone you hate, what does that do? They seem to be minding their own business, having a good time, and hating them is making you unhappy.
So why do we do that?

To me, Love is the source of life, isn’t a world full of love and light, better than letting hate and anger take over.

Wouldn’t the world be so much nicer, if everyone opened their hearts a little more.
I know I’m a fine one to talk as I try to shut out love, but the truth in the matter is, my life was perfect when he loved me, nothing matched those few years.
But I’m still wise enough to see that hate gets you no where, so I don’t allow myself to get angry, or hate because I know I just can’t find it within me to hate him.
Love is kinder and stronger.
Love is life.


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