Old bones


So this morning I went to see the man who came into work and spoke to me last week.
When I woke this morning, I felt scared but calm about the meeting. Interested in what he would tell me. Fear and tears took over but I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.

I never expected to hear what I did.
I still can not get my head around it, but it has explained why I should not give up on my soul mate, the love of my life, I felt a calm overcome me and I was awakened to a new understanding.
All I can say is

“Old bones”

I’m not going to go into this too much as I don’t totally understand it, but I always felt it was something stronger, deeper than just friendship and love, even deeper than soul mates.
Now I understand why my heart will not let it drop. Why I’m a hopeless case at trying to get over him.

But in finding out this information in a way, has helped me.

It has been confirmed to me, what I always believed and somehow given me a little peace even a little joy.
I want to know more about the history,our story. OMG how do I find that out?

My whole reading was a mix of emotions and silence on my behalf.
Not one words crossed my lips until I was about to leave the room, when I burst into tears and asked if my sister was with me.

The answer I got, was hard to hear.
And is playing heavy on my mind, it rings so true.

Unless he reads this blog, which there is no way he would link it to me, than omg, this man knows way to much.
The questions I have been asking myself about,
“why are my loved lost ones not helping me in my hardest days ?”
was answered with an almighty slap in the face.

Truth or no truth in what I was told today, no matter if I/you believe in it, what he said, it explains everything.
And you know what, no matter what I was told, I already felt it, I just couldn’t explain it. I know that what I feel is meant and true. There is no other love this strong, and if he can’t see it or even try to understand the feelings he once had, if he can’t look deeper then I can’t make him.

Old bones though DONT DIE

And I will always love him, through this life and the next.
True love never dies, if you want it to or not.