Speeding along the tracks.

imageIt’s an interesting thing isn’t it? Time. We say that there isn’t enough of it. That it passes us by.

This is where self-awareness and meditating is a blessing.
When you get very good at meditating, you will learn to regulate your breathing. You will begin to actually feel your muscles, your bones, your blood flowing through your veins. When you drink water, you will actually feel the liquid flowing down through your throat and intestines. Becoming completely aware of yourself physically. Of course, to do this, you have to achieve an awareness of yourself Internally.

When you meditate, you don’t do it for any sort of purpose. Some will say,
“Well, I’m meditating to become happier,” Or, “I’m doing this because I want to become more internally aware of myself.”

If you go into meditation like this then you’re already doing it wrong, because you don’t go into meditation for any purpose other than to meditate and enjoy doing it for the experience.
It’s like playing music. You don’t play music to get somewhere, you play for the sake of the experience and the enjoyment of it.
To be fully present in those moments.

When you meditate like this, all the other advantages of it will come naturally. Now, when meditating the first thing I do is make my mind shut up.

Have you noticed just how loud our minds are all the time?

Thought trains are always speeding along their tracks. When we get off one train theirs always another waiting for us. These trains make it very difficult to focus on what you are doing and almost impossible to realise how you’re feeling. When people get angry and don’t want to be, what do we usually do? We say to ourselves,
“Why am I so angry? I hate this, I hate being angry. I shouldn’t be angry,” etc. Then, we try to push the anger away like it isn’t there.

All in all, the end goal is to be able to achieve the kind of meditative state of awareness and then be like that all the time.
To live it.
To always be aware of yourself and what your feeling.
When you get angry, instead of trying to push it away, just accept that its there. Don’t have any give and take with it because if you do, you will be getting on another thought train. If you can achieve this, things will start to bother you less. You’ll probably seem calmer and more relaxed. Not to say you won’t get angry again, or sad, or depressed.
These emotions are part of us. We’re supposed to have them.

This lifestyle can be very dangerous and irresponsible, just be aware of what you are feeling. In time, you will be able to more easily read others feelings as well.

It’s a mindset I have been trying out and I feel good.
Letting in the light, calm and beauty, it’s taking me to a better place, one I can learn and seek deeper levels on being and in time help me discover the past. My/our history.
Re-living history through connecting with my soul, even though it’s not complete, I can still be aware of what it’s feeling and connect to an understanding of life and past life’s.
It’s a journey I’m willing and happy to discover.