We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of regret or disappointment.

imageWhen you pay close attention to yourself, you will see how happy moments, peaceful and joyful experiences, and positive interactions bring comfort in the moment and will always remain as healthy memories. They will motivate you and add something meaningful to your future.

How about the past negative, painful experiences, disappointments and hurtful arguments?
I know so many people who live in misery because their minds are stuck in the painful experiences of the past or their heart is.

Some people simply say “forget the past.”
Is it that simple?
It is neither simple nor easy to forget painful experiences of the past. Some painful experiences are burnt into your memory.
Even the happy ones become painful.

But to me this is part of you, it’s been your life, you’ve grown through it.
Pain isn’t always a bad thing, it lets you see the good in life.

To me if it doesn’t hurt, then you couldn’t have really cared.

See pain isn’t always a bad thing, it shows you, your alive, that you have heart.


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