imageThese days there is a virus that is spreading as fast as a juicy gossip amongst school students during lunch period.
The virus in question is judgment on others.

How often do we find ourselves judging others without possessing an ounce of evidence that could hold up in the court of law?
We are often quick to judge an individual based on what we see rather than taking the time to get to know the individual for who they are or wait for the facts. Talking first before judgement can save a lot of pain.

We may even judge others in a negative light for the sheer purpose of making ourselves look better.

We all plead guilty to first degree count of judging others.
I am no different.
There was an occasion where I met a guy at a function I was attending.
This guy was covered from neck down in tattoos. He had more piercings than a van full of screaming Justin Bieber fans.

I placed unwarranted judgment on this guy, as most of us would, sadly yes this is the case.
However, I was floored by the intelligence by which he spoke.
He was a man of great character and full of ambition. I learned a lesson that day –
Don’t judge.

I also once did this with my late friend Porter, how wrong I was there also.

We should not be quick to judge those around us. No one wants to be judged, so why do we unfairly judge others?

I will leave you with this quote which my dad always repeats over and over.

“Don’t judge men’s wealth or godliness by their Sunday appearance.” – Benjamin Franklin


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