Since that day

imageI love him… I’ve never loved anyone so much and so deeply in my entire life.

Life after Love is so difficult – you’re not there to look in their eyes… you’re not there to hold them when they have a bad day. Or the first person they tell, happy news to.
All these things matter too much.
It’s the little but huge things I miss.

I miss just talking with him about everyday bollocks.
God I miss that.
I miss my best friend.
His smile and laugh.
I miss everything about him.

What we had together was amazing… he is my everything.
They say you can only complete yourself? I beg to differ..

Since the day I lost him there has been a hole in my heart, an entire part of me is severed and I lost my heart completely.

I know you’re shaking your head and thinking I am a fool – but there is something so different… so special about this man that I can not let go.

I have done nothing but cry for days, weeks, months over losing him… can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t focus, NOTHING means anything… when I walk I don’t see things, when I’m outside the world is gray.

Please Dont Judge Me

I love him so much and honestly – can NOT see a life for me without him in it – I can’t live without him



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