Time and desire.

imageIsn’t everything all down to time.
We live our lives by the ticking off the clock.
We are all waiting for something, be it desire, love, dreams or something else.
It’s all part of life but what are we doing to help us reach our goals.

There are a few things we all know throughout life that are a dead certain, we will all get our hearts broken, we will age and we will die.

Why is it that when we know what we desire, what we want to do with our lives, we don’t do it? People will say that they want to be a great innovator, they want to write the greatest and most inspiring novel ever, they want to simply be the best at the job they do.
But we don’t do it.
We procrastinate, we waste time, and don’t get up off our butts to do anything. We dream of accomplishing great things instead of actually doing it.

Why do people worry about aging so much?
Sure, your body begins to fall apart (if you don’t take care of yourself) and you can’t do the things you could in the past, but you aren’t just decaying away waiting to eventually die.
Ageing is also growth. You learn more. Its sad that your going to die, but it’s good that you understand your going to die. You actually start living with the knowledge that one day you won’t wake up, so you use your time better. You don’t waste it.
I’m young, I know I’m going to die, but its still uncommon for me to sit down and actually realize and believe that I’ll die.

Then there comes love.
We all want to feel loved, we all want the butterfly, the buzz of looking into the eyes of the person who has your heart.
But what do we do to keep that, how many of us fight for what we feel or believe in.
Who of us really put our hearts on the line and gives love our all.
Fear always overtakes us, the fear of getting hurt.

The clock is ticking guys, we can’t stop it, life is passing us by.
Make every second count, open up your heart, and dream the most beautiful dream, believe in it and go out there and grab it my the balls.
Don’t give up, if you feel it, live it.
Think positive and feel the goodness, the love, the desire.
For tomorrow it could be to late.


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