Joy to disappointment

So I’m nearly at work this morning, crossing the last road and look towards the door, my heart jumps into my mouth as all I see is a guy in a hat, a hat I know well and weaves if hair hanging out the back.
It’s a sight I never thought I would see.
My heart starts to race, and my mind is going crazy.
What is Ross doing at my work?
I walk closer, and see it’s not him 😦
It just happens to be one of the girls boyfriends, omg he looks like Ross but a teen Ross.

I can’t explain the feeling I got when I for those few seconds thought it was Ross standing there.
Total joy to deep disappointment in seconds
Heart breaking :,-(


Not all the same.

imageSo every morning I wake up and tell myself it’s going to be a good day, a new day, I’m alive and that’s a gift right.

So I turn my phone on at about 5 this morning and I have a text from my boss asking if I had invoiced her and how many hours I had done on admin this week.
She knows full well I haven invoiced her due to the crap afternoon I had yesterday, within an hour of my reply, short snotty texts start coming in.
Not the best start to the day.

Now as I sit on the train heading in there, I shiver at the thought of the day ahead of me
Never in my life have I had dread at the thought of work, and right now if I’m honest I really don’t need her shit.

The woman has a lot to learn about how you deal with staff.

Like yesterday, she went mad at one of the young girls, and then I got it in the neck because I let her cry on me.
Sorry lady but that’s me, im not going to stand there and be a cold-hearted bitch when someone is in distress, that’s not me. Like it or lump it.
No one should ever be made to feel like that and as a boss she should know that people are all different.
Not everyone is out spoken and say what’s on their minds.
Some just keep their work troubles to themselves and deal with it.

I know at 18 I wouldn’t have opened my mouth and stuck up for myself, I’m not sure I would now.
Cas who I worked with was different. She aired every view she had, which caused trouble.
We are all different, you can’t just put us in the same box and judge us on the same level of strength and heart.

It makes me more than a little upset that we are all labelled with the same bush.
We are all different.
So here goes nothing, let’s see how this day pans out and how low she can being down my day.
Hope you have a good one guys