imageDo you know what the scariest thing is right now?

Rejection on two different levels.

Firstly, I have court dates and I have to find the guts from somewhere to contact Ross and tell him.
Fear runs through me at the thought of him turning around and saying
“And, I don’t care”
“I’m not coming”

Second fear, is that soon the case will be over and I’m scared to death that in his eyes it won’t make a blind bit of difference :,-(

That he will get the answers and the proof he wants and that even with that he will turn around and walk away.

It scares me to death.
The thought of it brings me to my knees and I cry uncontrollably.

All I want is to be able to talk to him, is it really so hard?


Hacking is fun if you’re a Hacker – Anonymous

imageThe pros and cons to hacking.
Although hacking is mostly seen as illegal crime, there are good uses to hacking. (Which I learnt over the last few years)
I was always against any type of hacking, computer crime until I started to understand the good that can be done.
For example, companies higher hackers, to check their software for flaws.
This is a bonus to the customers, because after they purchase their computer, it will be less likely to have problems.
Another pro to hacking, is that it can mean to fix computer programs.
A hacker who uses hacking for good has a positive effect, Facebook, google etc payout big bucks if you find a glitch for them but still the cons might out weigh the pros.
The cons to hacking are more serious. First, hacking used for wrong causes glitches, viruses, and more computer problems.
When someone hacks into your computer, depending on the information you have available, they can look at all your information, gain your info and use it.
This can lead to identity theft, spam emails, download unwanted programs, and slowing down your computer.
I don’t really know too much about the damage that can be done, but I do believe that when hacking is used in a good note it’s kinda an awesome thing

So I’ve read, there are different types of hackers

White Hat Hacker
Grey Hat Hacker
Black Hat Hacker
Script Kiddie

The white hat hacker
A white hat hacker would break through a security system to find it’s vulnerabilities and then turn that evidence over to the system administrator so that the system administrator can properly plug the holes that were found.
Hackers like this enjoy learning and working with computer systems for this reason and have consequently gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The grey hat hacker.
The grey hat hacker is an ambiguous hacker struggling with ethics and wander the lines of legality in their actions. Not much is known in the media concerning these types of hackers and many of them choose to stay underground and live quietly, exploiting systems for their own personal knowledge.
As far as those that can consider themselves black hat hackers, these hackers are those that perform actions against society because they don’t like something or the other that’s going on. These hackers program virus’ and unleash them upon society for their own personal benefit and amusement. They subvert computer security without the authorization and use that technology for personal gain. Examples of this would be the Conficker virus. Other examples of this would be people who are good enough to hack through bank protections and steal numbers or other such numbers that would benefit them against everyone else. They vandalise websites and perpetuate identity theft. But if you were to ask a hacker if they were a black hat hacker, there’s no true way to identify one until one is caught. Kevin Mitnik was considered the epitomy of black hat hacking when he started his virtual reign, but this isn’t exactly true.

The script kiddie.
These people use other hackers code and programs to their own means. They know enough code to piece together bits and pieces of code and perform actions that they truly had no part in.
Most of these people are more like tricksters and jesters. They do things for humor, regardless of the consequences. But I dare you to ask one about it. They’d call themselves true hackers and try and prove it by unleashing work they’ve taken credit for that they did not do.

The hacktivist.
The hacktivist is bound to be the most extreme, and quite possibly more dangerous, than the black hat hacker. A hacktivist is someone who utilizes technology to announce a social, idealogical or political message regardless of the consequences. Generally, the hacktivvist will deface websites – like make up websites, the FDA, and government websites against views that they do not agree with. They perform attacks against companies called the “denial of service” attacks. These attacks prevent a company from using their own network for the purposes of practical and legal business. In most cases, hacktivists are called Cyberterrorists and perform such actions.

Used for good or bad these guys are very clever, I seen what I call good fun hacking done and wow it’s more than interesting, I wish I knew more.

I will say that if your worried about internet safety for you own site, I recommend you visit and sign up to

You won’t be disappointed
It’s pure genius.