Wish upon the stars

imageWhen I was young, I used to wish upon the stars before I went to bed whenever I had problems.
Today, as I looked at the sky, there isn’t a single star to be seen. It’s not like I’m still doing this wishing-upon-a-star thing but if I’ve a chance to make a wish, there’s one I would wished for. I think we all know what that is 😦

Tired from the long hours of staring at my laptop, trying to think of my next article for work (job 3) I look out of the window at the dark sky and wonder how long has it been since the last time I gazed in awe at the clear night sky full of bright, shining stars.

In my memory, I remember myself walking along the beach. There was no electricity due to a power cut and when I held my head up and looked at the sky, that was the only time in my life I’ve ever saw pure natural beauty.

Tonight, I will be wishing on a star if I can spot one


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