Next to you

imageYou on the left and me on the right
the way we laid our bodies at the start of the night.
My head on two pillows as yours lay on one, your arm under pillow, holding my hand, the other you used to keep me warm.
I still remember the sweet scent of your hair and the feel of your skin.
As we closed our eyes I knew I was in heaven
The rise and fall of breath from your chest would remind me that this moment was what life was all about. The beating of your heart was the perfect melody.
Your face would go soft and lips would yawn as I was watching you sleep, I would wonder what you’re dreaming, but not having a clue. Your face was so peaceful, such a beautiful sight.
You would mutter in your sleep, and I would have to smile, because my heart leaped a little.
It was amazing how watching you sleep makes me feel.
I could watch you forever, laying there together. I just hoped you didn’t open your eyes, my love for you was painfully clear, and it may have been too much for you to take in.
Sometimes I’d wake while there you still lay, I would lean in close to steal a kiss.
These moments of affection are the ones that I miss.
I’d lay and watch while you lay there and snore, but the most memorable part of those nights was the way in which your eyes would flicker and how your arm would go out to check I was still there, a smile would play on your lips as your arm would gently hold me closer and you would drift back off into a peaceful sleep.
These are the thoughts I now remember the most, the memories in my heart I still hold so close.
As I snuggled closer to you. I finally knew what peace feels like. I only find it, when I’m lying next to you.


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