Fix me.

runaway-feetSo I ran away from life to try to get my head together.
To try to get over Ross, did it work?

NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!

If anything it has made in 100% worse, I miss him more than ever, everything I do, I just miss him and want him to be part of it, and he’s not and that hurts more than I can ever express.
I can’t get him out my head, no matter what I do and it’s driving me crazy.
Everyday gets harder instead of getting better.
It should be getting easier, why isn’t it getting easier?

Life is unbearable and right now, I just don’t want to face another day without him in my life.

Why am I so weak when it comes to him?
Why can’t I stop my feelings?
why do I love him more with every passing second.

I have to say that my mum, dad and mum’s best friend have been so fantastic, they are trying so hard to keep me busy and my mind from thinking of him, even though they would be over the moon if Ross and I could sort it out, god I wish we could, I want nothing more.
Nothing seems to work though.
My heart breaks more and more every day, I miss him more than I ever thought I could miss any one.
I feel totally broken and only Ross can fix me.
Ross please fix me, Please baby, Please 😦


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