YOU will always be …….

image There was a time when I didn’t believe love existed.
And that if it was out there it would never be meant for me.
That is why I always thought that I would not go and try to find love, because if I would find it, it would only hurt me.

But then there was you.
When you smile at me I melt, you challenge me, you understood me,
and you said you loved me …. ????

The last one I can just hope for it to be true.
Because I love you more than you will ever know, for you are special, really one of a kind, your perfect so perfect.

So when I look back upon the time,that I did believe in love but that it wasnt for me in this life time, but then I met you and you changed everything.
Me loving you changed me, my life got rearranged, you changed my life around, and i loved every second of us. You are everything to me.
You have been there for me always making me smile, always making me laugh.
But most Importantly to let me remember that there is a reason to love the world Because you are in it.
I opend up, really opend up letting everything down that protected me. I gave you my heart.
You are worth everything I have, everything I am, everything I stand for and everything I will ever be.
There is no place where I would rather be then in your arms feeling your heartbeat, hoping it beats just a little bit for me.
So please know that I love you, and I can just hope you really loved me too and one day you will remember how you felt.

It hurts to much to see how unimportant I am
It hurts to damn much.
I do not ask for much in life, all I ask you is “Please do not let me fall and hit the ground”
A part of me is missing, not just a piece, the most brightest part.

You must know that deep down, no matter what the given situation is
I love you and you will always be in my heart.