To you……

belong-to-you-6-fb-facebook-profile-timeline-coverToday I came to the realization..
I realized something that has been lingering for quiet some time now.
You could say I have known all along, I realize that I need you, can’t live my life without you, I need you by my side, close to me, to hear your voice night and day.
Therefore I hope in your heart that you know, I love you.
And I hope that you realize that I don’t see a life without you.
I belong to you and if you’re not around there is simply nothing left in my life.
You are the only person that ever made me happy and made me smile
so I realize I love you and I will belong to you as long my heart will beat, as long as I breathe air, I will be forever yours, because without you there isn’t anything left.


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