Because you’re ……….

imageI love you because even when I acted stupid and insecure you overlook it and love me through it.

You inspired me

I love you because even though all we’ve been through you’ve never changed and your just as amazing now as you were before.

Your just so flipping gorgeous

You have soul

I love you because no one else comes close to you, no one will ever be able to make me feel the way you do.

You have the sweetest personality of any guy I’ve ever met

You’re everything I’ve dreamed of and waited for.

I love you because you’re special.

I love you because the way you looked at me proves that you loved me the way you said you did.

I love you because you removed everything i thought i knew about love and taught me what i know now.

I love you because you know me better than anyone else I love you because you make me feel safe.

I love you because you’ve gotten rid of that wall I put up with everyone else, something no one else has been able to do before.

I love you because everytime I think about you, I swear my heart smiles.

I love you because instead of telling me what I wanna hear, you tell me what I need to hear and you actually speak from your heart.

Your heart is golden.

Everything just feels so right when i’m in your arms.

I love you more than you can imagine.

I love you more than anything on this planet.

You make me complete.

Your the most amazing person i’ve ever met and i never want to live a moment with you.

Everything about you makes me smile.

Everyday my feelings get stronger and stronger.

You make me laugh, so so much.

You’re the best thing in my life. my biggest treasure.

You’re sweet, kind hearted, loving, and above all youre down to earth.

Your voice drives me wild 😉

You make me cry when i get happy and missed you and love you.

Your understanding, loving and cute.

You’re charm is awesome.

Your just everything perfect rolled into one.

We’ve been through soo much together and I’ve loved all of it, your the biggest part of my life baby and i appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Your simply my one and only.


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