Living on a prayer

imageTo be someone who’s willing to protect what is right, fight till the end, and later forgive your enemy, I would do whatever it takes to win. I doubt I’d show any mercy. Now, I’d like to consider myself a compassionate person, but if someone tries to kill me or those I love then I will not hold back.
I wouldn’t want to kill them, but I would make it so that they cannot harm me or anyone else ever again. ( i say this but having the balls to do it, I may just have to eat my words)
If you believe in something that is right then I think you should be willing to protect it.

Some people think this type of thinking is right, and some believe it is wrong, but I’ll tell you now, in war it is not about what is right or wrong, it’s about which decision you will regret the least. Of course, this is all just my thoughts and I haven’t much conviction for these words since I’ve never been at war, ( only with myself, my heart and mind) but in that sense, neither do many who condemn the decisions made during it.

War is a last resort, and one which should be avoided at all costs. But once you’re in it, you can’t be thinking about whether war like actions are wrong or right. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to because it’s obvious that they’re wrong. It’s wrong to hurt people, it’s wrong to kill.
Killing brings about hatred, and the fires spread the hate like a virus.
It infects the hearts of people and builds walls between nations well people/human beings. It feeds prejudice, and births insensible thinking.
You can be fighting for a righteous cause, but war at its core is not right.
It never will be.
The term shouldn’t even exist.
But once you’re in it, you must fight to end it. You have no other choice if you truly love what you trying to protect or love.
For the longer it last’s the more lives will be lost or heart-broken.
As devastating as war is, the repercussions can be even worse. I believe that once the fighting is over that you must do whatever you can to prevent anymore hate.
If the enemy actually surrenders and rectifies it’s wrong, or at least sends an apology, then I wouldn’t hesitate to help them get back onto their feet.
It’s like a fist fight.
Once it starts, you have to finish it, but you don’t want to kick someone while their already down, because at that point you yourself become at fault.
All in all I say ” it’s better to be at peace, forgive and love”


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