Lost for words…….

imageI don’t have much to say because I’m just numb and you’re not here and I need you, I want to talk to my best friend, the one person I adore and trust, You’re far away, and I miss you, I miss our friendship, I miss US.
I miss the way you picked me up and spun me around and I lost my soul and heart to you. I miss how I can be myself around you. I hate that I don’t get to see that smile every day. I can’t even call you when I want to.
I love how easy it is to be around you and since you came into my life my whole life has changed.
I need you I want you and I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything in this life and I promise to love you till my last breath.
You are The One, The Chosen One, the one who owns not only my heart, but my everything.<3


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