imageThree little things equal a life time of pure bliss and happiness.
1) You
2) Me
3) our hearts for eternity.

I just want to tell you that there is so much room in my heart for you. In my heart, in my life, in my being and in my soul. I have shared this connection with you for what seems like a million years and I love you.
This hurts so much.
What matters is that I’m standing here now, telling you that you’re the only thing I need. Some people will stay in your heart, even if you are gone in theirs.
I know I can’t stop loving you, I’ve tried so god damn hard to.
I care a hell of a lot more than you realise.
If i had one wish it would be for you to love me again.
Most of the time I fail at being strong, but my feelings just grow stronger which makes me weaker.
You’re the only person in my life that I feel for from my heart. I can feel the physical tug on my heart when I think about you.
I love you as a person, and a friend. I think you’re amazing, the best person I know, and your so handsome, so charming, so delightful. I love everything about you.
I believe in you, I believe in us, I believe we are meant to be, I just don’t believe, I can feel it.


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